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Professional Writing and Editing Services

Published word-smith at your service!  With decades of writing, editing and publishing experience serving institutions like Texas Instruments, SMU, UTD, Austin College and others, I know the challenges of research paper writing and formatting. 

Nothing replaces a professional review to ensure your grade is the best possible. 



Do you count on automated tools like spell-check or grammar tools to be right?  Disappointment abounds when an all-consuming project ends up with fatal spelling or punctuation mistakes because no-one printed it out and reviewed it word-for-word, backwards as well as forwards?  

We're obsessed with quality control!  



From title page to bibliography, style counts!  How your paper cites sources, references web pages, even the margins and fonts are all strictly specified in MLA, Chicago Manual of Style, Associated Press, and The IBM Corporate Style Guide.  We keep all those and more at our fingertips.  You specify the format or purpose, we fit it to the style guide.  


Copy Proofing


We do three reviews each for spelling, grammar, and punctuation quality control.  Is it in MLA style?  Chicago Manual? AP Style? Or Corporate IBM? We keep them all at our fingertips.  

Content Editing


Are your words saying everything they need to, as powerfully as they can?  

We bring it out through editing for clarity, coherence and concision ... making your writing compelling!  

Writing (not for students)


Articles on topics from technology to law, from history to poetry.   Knowledgeable and certified in fields from privacy, security, cloud networking, regulatory compliance, and PCI, you let us know how much you need,  the target audience, and when.  

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